What documents are required for a payday loan?

It is not enough to share your desire to subscribe to an offer to immediately obtain a positive response. You will therefore have to disclose some information and above all provide documents. These supporting documents must be collected before making the request.

A payday loan requires some supporting documents

A personal loan requires some supporting documents

To save as much time as possible, it is best to prepare all the supporting documents before applying for your payday loan. You will have all the cards in your hands to speed up this process. Certainly, a form asks you for some information concerning your profile in order to establish a first response, if it is positive, you could initiate the second step. It consists of providing all the supporting documents.

Some invoices to prove your home address

Some invoices to prove your home address

If a document is missing, there is a good chance that the bank will terminate your request. The latter must therefore be accompanied by a valid identity document. It can be a residence permit, a passport. Proof of address will be essential since you must prove your address with an electricity, water, telephone or gas bill. In certain cases, the one dedicated to the mobile plan will be accepted. Of course, for the payday loan to be accepted, it will be imperative to share documents concerning your income.

The request for the payday loan is mainly based on your income

The request for the personal loan is mainly based on your income

They are at the center of the study because, if they do not meet expectations, the bank could also refuse your request. In this case, the last three pay slips are requested. The certificate concerning family benefits will be welcome or your last tax notice. The choice will essentially depend on your profile. Finally, for the file to be complete, you will be asked to provide a RIB (Bank Identity Statement). You will then be notified as soon as possible regarding the action taken on your request. If the first answer was positive, chances are the study will be in your favor.

Getting approved for a payday loan can take anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks, depending on the type of lender. Online and peer-to-peer lenders can approve your loan in as fast as a few minutes, while banks and credit unions can take as long as a few weeks.