2021 could be another big year for camping in Colombia, in Sauk counties | Local News


Pedretti said that in September and October, state parks saw a 30% increase in the number of occupied sites.

Over the weekend Kenny and Debby Lund from Deerfield were camping with their new trailer at Sky High Camping Resort.

Kevin Terry is the manager of Sky High and said the resort hasn’t seen a lot of new people camping but has noticed people are staying longer.

“People started camping and I think they didn’t realize how much fun it was,” said Terry. He added that at this rate, camping will continue to grow.

“We were looking for reservations somewhere, because places were filling up quickly, but we wanted to stay in a local location,” said Debby Lund. “Our son lives nearby, so it seemed like a natural fit. We will definitely be doing more camping this year than in the past.

The Lunds did not describe themselves as avid campers, but said they would definitely return to Sky High in the future. This type of connection is what continues to bring campers back to resorts like Sky High or Skillet Creek.

Chris and Lea Ann had been seasonal campers at Wheeler Campground for nine years.

“Wheelers had been for sale for a few years,” said Lea Ann. “We had researched to buy a campground and it was basically our home away from home.”

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