Amazon Shoppers Love Keen Waterproof Hiking Sandals

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If you’re an avid hiker, you know the importance of a good pair of shoes for the trail. Sometimes that means sturdy boots to keep your feet warm against snow, ice and freezing temperatures; sometimes they’re trail running shoes to keep up with you on outdoor adventures; and other times it’s a pair of waterproof sandals that will keep your feet comfortable and protected without overheating during summer hikes. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have found a pair of Keen that checks all the boxes: they have lightweight cushioning for just the right amount of support, traction for a non-slip grip, and they come in lots of fun styles. And right now they’re on sale for as low as $59so there’s no better time to shop.

The Keen Whisper Closed Toe Water Sandals are made with a quick-drying polyester upper with elastic front straps that tighten for a secure fit you can easily slip into – a necessity if you’re hiking or traversing wet, slippery terrain. The closed toe is rubber backed, protecting your feet as you move. Additionally, the shoes also have plenty of grip on the sole, so hiking over rocks and through water shouldn’t be a problem. And like all of the brand’s shoes, these hiking sandals are machine washable, so they’ll stay fresh trip after trip no matter how hard you put them to the test in the outdoors.

The sandals come in 24 colors, including neutrals, brights, and patterns, and depending on the shade and size combination you choose, you might pay as low as $59 for a pair. But with summer fast approaching, some colorways are already sold out, so we recommend shopping early to ensure you get the best deal.

Amazon shoppers love the sandals, giving them over 12,000 five-star ratings, and it’s no surprise. One reviewer even called them “the perfect outdoor shoes” after wearing them “for hiking in the mountains, hiking by the river, hanging out on the lake, and so much more.” They continued, “I can wear them on a hike all day and my feet feel great at the end of the day.”

Another traveler praised the sandals after wearing them on a 7-day Grand Canyon rafting trip. “They kept my feet comfortably firm without chafing or irritating,” they wrote. “They had good support and also a hard toe guard so I didn’t hurt my toe while hiking in rough terrain.” To top it all off, the same customer added, “This was my ninth trip to the Canyon and the first time I haven’t come out with bruised, blistered feet. Highly recommend!”

And even if you’re not a hiking enthusiast, there are still plenty of other uses for these sandals. A reviewer said they’re perfect for hot days at Florida theme parks, “especially when your feet get so wet from the rain or the water rides.” They added that “the tough rubber toe keeps my toes from getting squashed in the theme park lines.”

If you are looking for a pair of durable and comfortable waterproof hiking sandals, don’t miss this choice of Keenespecially when some pairs go on sale ahead of the summer hiking season.

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