BIG4 Holiday Parks projects $ 80 million in revenue this year as back-to-nature travel soars


BIG4 Holiday Parks is forecasting massive sales of $ 80 million this year, a significant increase from previous years, with expectations that this holiday trend will continue.

Belinda Thomas, Director of Business Development at Big 4, said Seriously social podcast host Ginger Gorman, “This is the level of requests we’ve seen that we probably weren’t expecting. We have had over 5 million web visitors in the past six months and we expect this to exceed 10 million for the year.

Belinda said more than half of vacation park sales come from new visitors. And there are other impressive statistics that show an increasing trend in holiday park stays.

BIG4’s total online revenue increased 94%, booth revenue increased 101%, and site revenue increased 76%.

“I think the closure of international borders and cruises not being as prevalent as they used to be, it definitely helped. But it’s this desire to go back to nature and have these different and unique experiences that drives it, ”she said.

Belinda said information commissioned from a third party indicates that holiday parks are an integral part of Australians’ travel plans for the next two years.

She pointed out that this was supported by an 18-month backlog in caravan production, the success of Camplify – an Airbnb-like caravan, and the tendency of young Australians to restore old caravans and go on road trips.

“I really think it’s this thirst for new, unique places to explore and the vacation parks are really well placed in some really lovely and unique places,” Belinda said in the podcast.

BIG4 Castlemaine Gardens Holiday Park | Inside the franchise business

“I think we cater well to all budgets, in addition to offering accommodation that has a little point of difference.

“Not too long ago TripAdvisor curated a list of 10 destinations around the world that people dreamed of and places included the Caribbean, Florida and Brazil and sneaking up to number 10 was Mudgee, New Wales from South. I mean, it’s really something we’ve never seen before.

There are 182 independent BIG4 Holiday Parks in Australia and Chairman James Atkins believes the group is well positioned to maximize its potential.

“BIG4 as a brand, and as a network of parks, is in a very strong position to continue to innovate and evolve, both as a business and in our use of marketing, and through our online platform prominent, ”he said.

BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park |  Inside the franchise business

BIG4 Renmark Riverfront Holiday Park | Inside the franchise business

The holiday park company recently appointed a new CEO, Sean Jenner, who will take office in July and bring his experience in leadership roles with global brands such as Nike, Virgin and Starbucks.

“Sean’s expertise ticked all the boxes we were looking for for our next CEO. He has extensive experience in strategy, marketing, digital and technology, and an impressive track record of growth and innovation for major brands, ”said the president.

“Above all, he has a highly commercial and pragmatic approach to getting things done and his values ​​are closely aligned with ours.”

Sean Jenner said, “I can’t wait to explore how we can improve the BIG4 experience for parks and visitors.”

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