Bladon Chains Caravan Club lodge plans are approved

The plan to replace almost 100 caravan sites with holiday lodges in a caravan park has been approved.

The West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) has given the green light for the removal of 92 touring caravan sites, and 36 holiday lodges are expected to replace them at the Bladon Chains Caravan Club.

The existing buildings on the site will also be demolished, and replacement facilities as well as housekeeping and maintenance pavilions will be constructed.

A demand planning statement says the proposals “will revitalize the existing mix of touring trailers and RVs at Bladon Chains with high quality tourist accommodation in the form of vacation lodges.”

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The operator of the proposed site, Darwin Escapes, plans to invest £ 6million to complete the required work at the site, which is expected to take around 18 months.

The planning statement continues: ‘The proposals will increase the number of employment opportunities at Bladon Chains and result in both capital expenditure in the region in the order of £ 6million as well as an increase of visitor spending per unit compared to touring caravans.

“In particular, the job would be open year round, rather than seasonal, offering real career opportunities. ”

The lodges will be two or three bedroom units, which will be factory built and notched in place on pre-built foundations.

The existing sanitary block, reception and adjacent store will be demolished and replaced.

To view the application, use reference number 20/02600 / FUL on the WODC Planning Portal.

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