Canceled Christmas camping reservations at Oceano Dunes

A new wave of camping reservations at Oceano Dunes have been canceled.

Last month we reported that 225 reservations were canceled from November 30 to December 6 due to King Tides. Now more and more people are receiving cancellation notices.

If you have dune camping reservations by December 28th, check your email as all reservations are canceled.

This means that people who had planned to camp there for Christmas will have to make more.

“It’s Noel. How can you do that to people on Christmas?” Asked Heather Allen of Grover Beach.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Josh Agah of Modesto.

Agah has just learned that her reservations to stay at Oceano Dunes from Christmas Eve to New Years are no longer happening.

It has been his family tradition for years.

“It’s disheartening to really see because of the rain that they are able to close our parks that belong to us people,” said Agah.

With Christmas bookings canceled last year due to COVID-19, many were eager to bring back their annual winter vacation.

“Start getting our trailers ready because it’s Christmas time and we still have to do all our Christmas work and get ready for the dunes and then you know go to Facebook and see one thing posted that our reservations are going to be canceled Said Tina Winek of Merced.

Oceano Dunes District-Pismo posted on Facebook that dune camping reservations are being canceled due to the recent storm and the Arroyo Grande stream flowing into the ocean.

“It’s been nine state park trucks to cross the creek since they closed it,” Allen said, recording state parks crossing the creek as it was closed to others on the sand. “I’ve been coming here for a very long time and even last year when the creek was about three feet deep the rangers allowed us to cross it. This morning when I saw them close it, it was only four to six inches deep.

The sign outside the entrance to Grand Avenue reads: “The Creek Crossing May Close Suddenly.”

But some say it is unwarranted.

“If vehicles crossing the creek were really a concern, it should be that no vehicle would be allowed to pass at any given time,” said Bryan Henry, chairman of the board of the American Sand Association.

Pismo State Beach is still open to vehicles, leaving some with questions.

“What is the difference between someone who is going to cross the river for daytime use and a camper who is going to camp and cross the river? Winek asked.

Others have decided to go elsewhere.

“Unfortunately this year we will be going to Glamis, which adds us about six hours of driving,” Agah said.

State Parks says camping cancellations can occur beyond December 28.

KSBY News reached out to California State Parks for an interview, but was told they had no staff available on Thursday.

At Friday’s California Coastal Commission meeting, the Oceano Dunes are back on the agenda to discuss dust control and possibly the removal of more acres allowed for use.

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