Caravan owners ignored city council injunction for two years


A MOTHER and her son escaped immediate jail time after “deliberately and repeatedly” ignoring a city council order not to place their trailer on land.

Lara Kim Deroubaix and her son Luke received an injunction from Winchester City Council in May 2018 prohibiting them from setting up caravans or mobile homes on land they owned in Long Road, Soberton, without building permission.

But the family continued to flout the advice and instructions of the council until April 8 this year, when they were said to have left the field.

However, the council took the two men to the High Court for their continued disregard of the injunction and a hearing was held on April 15. The judgment was released on April 30.

The court heard that Ms. Deroubaix bought the plot in 2004, when the old agricultural field was divided. She said she planned to farm on the land. She also had a number of bull terriers that she was planning to breed, and she was planning a training school with the dogs and needed fencing around the plot to protect the animals.

But the council noted that the family lived on the land.

Representing mother and son, Paul Powlesland said these “circumstances arose for his clients out of a sense of desperation, they really needed a place to live and they had no desire to disrespect. at the court”.

But Ms Deroubaix and her son were offered alternative accommodation by the council, which could accommodate their many dogs, but they were not satisfied with the alternatives.

Judge Cavanagh said in his judgment: “It is absolutely clear, in my opinion, that the defendants have decided to continue living on the site, in blatant disregard of the court orders. The fact that the defendants wanted to continue living there and were not satisfied with the alternative locations offered to them by the council does not provide an excuse or mean that it is not in the public interest to punish the accused for contempt.

Ms. Deroubaix and her son were each sentenced to a one-month suspended prison sentence for two years.

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