City says two sites could serve as temporary settlements for homeless Austinites


Austin found two city-owned sites that could serve as camps for people living outside. One of the potential campsites is on Manor Road in East Austin and the other is on Convict Hill Road in South Austin, according to a note released Monday.

the note, originally posted on a city website shortly before 5 p.m., was deleted shortly after posting and then reposted. A city spokesperson said it was not due for release until Tuesday morning.

The city has struggled to find housing for homeless Austinites since voters reinstated the city’s ban on public camps in May. These temporary camps would be fenced and would have staff on site 24 hours a day.

The memo indicated that the sites were initially intended to accommodate affordable housing. Both are expected to be dezoned and would require changes authorizing the city, he said. The sites could also accommodate prefabricated shelters.

The memo said city staff members would hold community meetings and provide polls to the public to provide feedback if Austin City Council received the deal. Council will receive a site briefing on July 27.

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