COVID-19 cases triple in one week as 46 cases and one death were reported in Greater Lincolnshire on Tuesday


Nearly 500 people have told Lincoln City Council that there are few suitable alternatives to public washrooms intended for closure.

About 816 people responded to a consultation on the council’s plans to save £ 86,000 by permanently closing The Lawn urinals on Union Road and Newport Arch, reopening the Lucy Tower facilities only for special events, while the Westgate parking lots would be used by radar. key chain only.

However, the toilets at the New Bus Station, Castle Square, Tentercroft Street, Boultham Park, Hartsholme Country Park and the Cemetery will be retained.

According to the proposals, toilet attendant jobs will be cut at all facilities except the bus station, while a new city-wide program will change access to disabled toilets via a card electronic record for a specific user.

The Sincil Street facilities will only open for events until the market renovation is complete.

The Lincoln City Council Policy Review Committee will be informed on Tuesday that a consultation on plans launched in January saw 57.8% (about 472 people) of those polled say they would be affected “personally in to the extent that they would not be able to use an appropriate alternative ”.

Of those 123 people, this was due to health concerns, while 80 mentioned the distance created as a result of the closures.

A map included in the agenda shows a distance of 894 meters between the toilets in Castle Square at the top of Steep Hill and the facilities at the city center bus station.

“These feedbacks are unfortunately not very conclusive, but generally show annoyance with the closures that might be suggested,” said a report on the consultation – noting that due to the general age profile of users being for the Most over the age of 65, distance was “a problem for users”.

However, he added that the map showed: “These are considered acceptable walking distances (or in all of these places there is paid public parking and posted next to it if people want to get there by car). “

A map showing the distance between public toilets in the city. The red are the ones that close and the blue are the ones to remember. | Image: Lincoln City Council

The report says this had an impact on the Westgate toilet decision.

Elsewhere, more than 70% said removing permanent staff from public toilets would not deter them from using them.

57.3% of people said they would be willing to pay more to mitigate the impact on services, with around a quarter suggesting 10p, a tenth 20p or 30p, and less than 5% accepting a price increase of more from 30p.

The council has already been called on by residents to open more facilities in the city, as the alleys and side lanes are used by those less willing to travel the distance, as well as by revelers late at night.

In April, the authority vowed to “squeeze” people using the alleys as toilets, after others were seen urinating in a passage known as the “pee and poo alley”.

Businesses near St Peter Arches Alley off Lincoln High Street between CEX and Caffe Nero have at one point shamed revelers for urinating and taking drugs by posting CCTV footage.

On Tuesday, policy review advisers will be invited to comment on the plans.

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