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For many of us, December is the time of year that brings a really noticeable change in weather. The temperatures are dropping, it is more often cloudy outside, you can see your breath, and sometimes it even snows. The colder it is outside, the more time we want to spend indoors, and naturally more time indoors means more time to watch TV and movies. While some prefer to watch things that remind them of warmer times, others like to match their entertainment with what is going on around them. For these people, let’s watch a cozy anime set in the winter so we can enjoy the cold weather – without having to go out and experience it firsthand.

Yuri !! on the ice


The first is the ice skating anime that took the world by storm in 2016, Yuri !! on the ice. It follows titular protagonist Yuri Katsuki, a professional skater in his twenties who is exhausted after a disappointing losing streak. While taking a break from the competition, he is approached by his skating idol Victor Nikiforov who offers to get him out of his slump. What follows is a thrilling comeback story for Yuri as he finds his rhythm again, meeting interesting characters along the way who each have their own stories of struggle and triumph, as well as a budding romance between Yuri and Victor them. themselves.

It’s a story that comes from the heart of its main mangaka creative team. Mitsurou Kubo and above all director Sayo yamamoto, who previously worked as a screenwriter and directed several episodes of Samurai Champloo as well as directing his own complete shows in Michiko & Hatchin and Lupine the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. For your winter needs, Yuri !! on the ice Much of it takes place on ice skating rinks, of course, but also allows you to visit the colder regions of Victor’s home country of Russia, as well as Yuri’s fictional hometown in real-life Kyushu in the winter.

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Tokyo Sponsors


Then, if you’re looking for a more traditional Christmas movie, the late director Satoshi kon has the perfect choice for you in the family vacation movie found Tokyo Sponsors. Miyuki, a runaway teenager, lives with two older homeless people, the cranky alcoholic Gin and the cheerful, motherly Hana. Together, they make an unlikely but charming trio, and the film begins as they stumble upon a lost baby on a snowy Christmas Eve, spending the rest of the film trying to find the baby’s house, all while accidentally finding their own way. to get home along the way. .


Kon is known for his surreal stories, filled with supernatural events to create dreamlike images, but Tokyo Sponsors stands out in his work as grounded and realistic. It is, in a literal sense, anyway; Tokyo godfathers negotiate metaphors and magical coincidences to support Kon’s usual dreamscapes, in many ways bringing the concept of a “Christmas miracle” to its logical conclusions. This way Kon really embraces the camp and the joy of a traditional Christmas movie with Tokyo Sponsors, which earns it a place in the rotation of holiday classics.

The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya


Another fun version of the Christmas movies is The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyoto Animation’s first theatrical foray. Disappearance is an entry into the biggest Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, taking place specifically after the events of the TV show, and it’s generally recommended that you check out at least that show’s first season before jumping into this movie. However, if you just want a beautifully animated movie with a good storyline, the plot here isn’t that hard to figure out – it’s essentially an adaptation of It’s a wonderful life with the Haruhi characters. Our reluctant hero Kyon one day wakes up to find that, despite his boisterous personality and reputation, no one but him remembers the leader of his small group of friends, Haruhi herself. He spends the film piecing together the kind of supernatural events that could have led to this bizarre situation, observing how different the world is without Haruhi’s influence, and ultimately realizing that this is not really his “disappearance”. “but, in a way, his own that must be reckoned with. The movie takes place right before Christmas, the gang is getting ready for a Christmas party at a club before the incentive event, and Kyoto Animation really makes you feel the cold atmosphere of the season with their crisp effects and photographic work – in In particular, there is an unforgettable moment at the climax of the film with snowfall that will leave you dreaming of a white Christmas.

Relaxed camp


Finally, if you just want an anime that feels like you’re spending the night by the fireside on a chilly night, you can’t do better than the Slice of Life anime whose title explains its premise, Relaxed camp. The show follows introvert Rin Shima, a girl who enjoys spending her time “camping solo”, traveling across Japan to be left alone at various campsites to just enjoy the atmosphere of spending the night with just a fire. and his tent. Her unique hobby inspires a girl from her high school, Nadeshiko, to start a camping club, and we watch Rin reluctantly make new friends through her love of camping. It’s a simple premise, but Relaxed camp revel in little joys like learning how to pitch a tent or saving up for the perfect camping gear for your next little trip.

The show is a really fun time – you’ll feel more and more attached to these brave teens as they discover their first tastes of independence in their safe but exciting new hobby. If you are not already a camper yourself, he is also surprisingly specific and informative on the different things that make a successful trip; it’s hard not to want to try it out yourself after a few episodes. Of course, since much of the show takes place during the winter months or around the cold mountain forests of Yamanashi Prefecture, it looks as cozy as it looks. The girls are always wrapped in large jackets to stay warm, snuggling around the campfires to protect themselves from the cold winter nights. Prepare yourself a hot chocolate and snuggle up for a few episodes of Relaxed camp for a comfortable winter watch.


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