Facebook group ‘Camping Indiana’ gives back to DNR state parks


SHAKAMAK STATE PARK, Ind. (WTHI) – Many of us have ventured into state parks to enjoy nature and beautiful scenery over the past year or so. A group is mobilizing and doing its part. Everything to keep the parks clean and pristine.

Many state parks have undoubtedly been busy with increased attendance across the country. Camping, fishing and canoeing are all on the rise as more and more people want to get out and enjoy nature.

Ginger Murphy, deputy director of Stewardship Indiana DNR, said the pandemic was certainly the reason state parks were so busy. “I think people felt like it was safe and a great place to get away from the confines of your house or bubble for a while.”

However, with increased use of parks, it is possible that more garbage and litter will accumulate. A Facebook group called “Camping Indiana” has been active for eleven years and now has over 20,000 Hoosiers.

This week, June 1-6, they are hosting their second annual “Restitution Week” in which the group’s volunteers stay in a state park and pick up trash and litter at DNR properties.

Earl Reagan is the founder of Camping Indiana and he explains why this group is so important, especially right now. “The parks are really understaffed right now and with the increase in the number of campers over the past year there is a need for people to come out and help with the garbage.”

Camping Indiana is always coordinating with the Indiana DNR to see where help is needed most. And two years ago, Reagan decided it was time to give state parks his time.

“State parks have given us so many recreational opportunities and immeasurable recreational opportunities that we want to give something back to state parks.”

And this passion for the outdoors comes from Reagan’s father who was an avid outdoorsman and the tradition continues to keep nature pure.

“He would be so proud of what I do with it. And it’s kind of a continuation of the family legacy and a way to honor my father.

So remember, if you enjoy the many state parks, make sure you leave it exactly as you found it.

To go to the Indiana Camping website, go to

Their Facebook can be found here.

Camping Indiana also has a YouTube page, you can visit their page here.

To learn more about how you can volunteer to help with Indiana DNR, click here.

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