Families reunited as NSW regional trips resume


Residents of Riverina who are fully vaccinated can now venture freely into Greater Sydney and the New South Wales region and vice versa.

After a delayed start due to delayed vaccination rates in regions, domestic travel is now back on the cards and unrestricted statewide.

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The Perrottet government eased travel restrictions between Greater Sydney and regional areas from Monday November 1 after the Sydney Metro and its larger parts were put into lockdown on June 26.

Doubly fooled by vacations in the regions, the opening date for regional trips was initially set when the double dose targets of 70% were met, and then again at the 80% stage.

However, the varying vaccination rates between metropolitan and regional LGAs have been shown to be too disparate to ignore.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said the postponement of the two-week trip may have been unpopular, but he’s convinced it was the right move.

“I know for a lot of people in Sydney and some in the bush it will be an unpopular decision, but we were elected to make the right decisions and I think the decision we made today with our cabinet committee is important, and ultimately the right decision, “ the prime minister said, announcing the delay.

Mr Perrottet told Seven it was an exciting day for the state.

“For a lot of people today, it’s a big day. Many haven’t seen their families; grandparents haven’t seen their grandchildren. So I think there are a lot of ‘excitement in our state today ”

Moving away from a state of panic from Covid means business owners can get back to business with a purpose, while tourist destinations, trailer parks and events can get back on track.

While not available until next year, NSW residents can also get a $ 50 accommodation voucher to boost statewide travel leading to a normal Covid in 2022.

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