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Postcard from Royal Pine Tourist Court courtesy of Meredith A. Gorres

Chesapeake Hospitality operates dozens of hotels across the country, but two new projects take it back to its roots on the Route 1 corridor.

The company, now headquartered in Greenbelt, is developing an upcoming food court at Riverdale Park station and is also relaunching iconic Ledo’s Pizza in College Park, both of which are slated to open later this summer.

Both are smaller projects for the family business, which currently operates 42 hotels in cities like Memphis, St. Louis, Atlantic City, Pittsburgh and Louisville, Ky.

But they’re closer to home for a business that started in 1947 with a 12-room motel in College Park called the Royal Pine Tourist Court, according to a history of College Park motels.

Located at 9113 Baltimore Ave., now the site of the Days Inn across from Uptown Cheapskate, the motel was built in the 1940s with a southwest theme, with 10 units that each had their own garage.

In 1957, a DC hotelier helped buy it as a gift for her daughter and her new husband, in part to prevent them from moving to California as planned. The couple lived in a house on-site, renting upstairs rooms in the summer.

The couple, Jeanette and Ed Sims, turned out to have a knack for the family business, expanding the tourism court into a full-size motel in the 1960s and purchasing another hotel in 1981, eventually turning to l hotel management company now run by children.

While the family sold the Royal Pine in 1988, their original home can still be seen at the rear of the property.

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