Looe vandalism tells tourists and second home owners to ‘come home’


Residents and visitors to a popular vacation spot expressed “disgust” at growing animosity towards visitors and vacationers as a “disagreeable” message was engraved on an entrance to the coastal path.

Adorned in the walkway inside a circular promenade near Looe is a message saying “tourists must go home” and “second owners too”.

The post, which was shared in a photo on social media by a visitor, sparked outrage with hundreds of split comments, some of which called the official “absolutely disgusting” and “small-minded.” Others called the act of vandalism “freedom of speech”.

Lee Kershaw, who made the discovery, said: “During my travels I came across this nasty piece of vandalism on one of the coastal path gates. It might not be the best way to express their opinion, degrading local property.

“I will add that I was greeted by all the locals (and other tourists) that I met during my week in Looe and its surroundings. I had some good discussions during my travels and met people really great.

“It’s just the action of a small-minded individual who was ready to destroy part of his house to express an opinion that no one really cares about.”

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This is after midterm sparked the first really busy week for Cornwall this year as Covid restrictions were relaxed to allow overnight stays in hotels and self-catering accommodation.

Caravans were pictured obstructing the A30 on their way to Cornwall, the county tourism boss said visitors would have to “engage their brains” amid some motorist crashes and a popular beach had 8,000 people.

But it is clear that this sentiment does not ring true for the masses, with many welcoming locals saying that the individual responsible for the vandalism “needs to be educated.”

Here’s part of the reaction:

Lucy Williams said: “I care about that opinion… it’s the kind of opinion that will see a lot of businesses go bankrupt. This person needs to be educated. We need tourists. Or we wouldn’t survive. “

Sue Hackett: “Absolutely disgusting. These kind of petty insular opinions are getting out of hand. We are all human beings wherever we are, end up or choose to live.

Sharon Stokes Bryson: “That sort of thing makes me laugh at the way some people think they made the place out of their own money.”

Sophie James-Foster called this “really shocking”, saying: “Don’t we all have the right to discover the country we are citizens of? Or just a small 20 mile radius from where we live? “

But visitors unfortunately say they underwent similar treatment:

Davey Maddox: “I have seen a lot of things like this all over Looe and heard many times (from bloody tourists) and I can’t help but think that Looe would always be so beautiful and so well taken care of without us the tourists?

“I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much money is spent in Looe. It actually got me thinking, ‘Do I really want to spend my hard-earned money where clearly a lot of locals don’t want to. from us there! ‘ “

Kath Faulkner: “I was on Hanna Beach before the other and was told to go back to where I live! He said he was local and I shouldn’t come to Looe, interesting because my family goes back several generations to Looe. It’s shameful how some people behave. “

Some have left comments apparently sympathetic to the vandal:

Spencer Lewis: “I like that, the freedom of speech of a local kid who maybe has to live with his parents because they can’t rent anywhere in the area because these are now all rents holiday at £ 2,000 per week. “

Steve John: “Maybe they lost their rental because a landlord sells their ‘investment’ home. I can totally understand the feelings of a lot of people who are not even lucky enough to even have a first home. “

Are you experiencing the same where you live? Tell us in the comments what to do about it.

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