Maple Lodge camping cabin keys location


Players trying to enter the cabin on the map of Phasmophobia Maple Lodge campground can learn the location of the key from this guide.

phasmophobia maple lodge camping cabin key

While PhasmophobiaThe map of Maple Lodge’s campground is made up of lots of outdoor spaces, it also features interiors for players to explore. One of the interiors that fans may be particularly interested in accessing is in the large cabin near the lake on the map. However, Phasmophobia players won’t be able to enter the cabin at Maple Lodge campground until they have a key in hand, and this guide details exactly where it is.

Where to find the cabin key at Maple Lodge campground in Phasmophobia

To get right to the point, players looking for the cabin key on this Phasmophobia the map should look near the entrance to this structure. This is because fans will find that there is a welcome mat located at the front door of the cabin, and the entry key pops out. under this carpet. For clarity, the key is colored blue and is located on the right side of the mat.

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After locating the key to the Maple Lodge camping hut, players simply need to pick it up and use it to open the associated building. From there, fans are free to explore the interior of the cabin, and they may even encounter a ghost while they do so. At the time of writing, there are 20 different types of ghosts in Phasmophobia, and the vast majority of them have their own strengths and weaknesses that players will need to keep in mind.

Phasmophobia Maple Lodge Campground Map Details

For players wanting to learn more about the Maple Lodge Campground map, this is the very first outdoor map in the game, and it was added with the release of PhasmophobiaNightmare update. This update went live on October 25, 2021, and in addition to this map, it contained a brand new difficulty mode and four new ghosts. These ghosts are Obake, Onryo, Raiju and the Twins, the latest of which is the first guy to come as a couple.

As previously stated, the cabin is only a small part of the map, and players will discover a number of interesting things as they explore the rest of its areas. This includes many Phasmophobia Easter eggs scattered around the Maple Lodge campground. For example, players who walk to the end of the jetty on the map will see a Jason Voorheen mask floating on the surface. Additionally, fans can spot Slenderman on the road near the van.

Phasmophobia is now available on PC through Steam.

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