Migrant Who Left Tijuana Campground Beats All Odds, Now Living and Working at SoCal


SAN DIEGO (Border report) – About three weeks ago, Nicolas Diego decided he was tired of living in a migrant camp just south of the San Ysidro port of entry in Tijuana and decided to take matters into his own hands.

“There was no security, no police, it was difficult there with the children,” said Diego, from Guatemala.

Diego, his wife and two young children got on a bus and headed to Reynosa, Mexico, just south of McAllen, Texas.

This is where they crossed the border after paying $ 850 per person to a smuggler.

They expected to be apprehended almost immediately. Instead, they walked for five and a half hours until border patrol officers found them. Diego and his family have applied for asylum.

Initially, they were taken to a border patrol station for processing, and then to his surprise, they were “released”.

“This bus came and we got on, and they took us to a hotel in Edinburg,” Diego said.

Nicolas Diego does electrical work for a contractor based in Southern California. (Salvador Rivera / Border Report)

After less than 10 days at the hotel, Diego says their COVID-19 tests came back negative and they were given the option to leave and be sent to live with relatives.

“I have parents in Nebraska, Atlanta, and Los Angeles,” said Diego, who picked Southern California for the weather.

Within days, he says he found an electrical job for a company and even took out a loan to buy a car.

“The dream I had was to come to the United States to work and for a better future for my family and for my children,” said Diego. “We were looking to enter the United States legally, but they didn’t allow us, so we crossed the border so they could give us a chance.”

Diego and his family are now waiting for the asylum process to unfold.

“Now I’m in the United States now… on the highways of the United States, seeing flags, seeing people, it’s a different country and it makes me so happy, makes me happy.”

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