Most read hiking stories by backpackers in 2021

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While the borders of many countries are still closed, 2021 was a banner year for domestic travel as hikers reached national parks and forests in record numbers in search of adventure. And whether your own adventures took you to the mountains, the wilderness or the coast, we were here to help you on your way. From the best beginner trails for trapping a friend in your hobby to wilderness hiking with no trails, these are Backpacker’s most read backpacking stories of 2021.

6 trails to make someone love hiking for the rest of their life

Cape Alava on Ozette Triangle, Olympic National Park, Washington State (: Kara Hollenbeck of Rogue Musings / iStock via Getty Images)

When we love hiking, we want to share it with Everybody– your friends, your family, the neighbor you just met yesterday. However, if they haven’t spent the time in the wilderness you have, they may not share your enthusiasm right off the bat. (Your stories of elevation gains of several thousand feet, blackened fingernails, and bear encounters probably don’t help.) But don’t give up: with the right introductory hike – easy enough, not intimidating, but with views that will leave any new hiker behind Planning their next wilderness trip on the way home – you can make your friends and family as passionate about hiking as you are. Read more (Exterior +)

These 5 waterfall hikes are simply magical

(: Jeffrey Workman on Unsplash)

The lakes and beaches are fun enough, but they’re no splash kings in the backcountry. That honor belongs to waterfalls: whether they fall in a deep forest or off a seaside cliff, standing close enough to one of these waterfalls to feel their spray is an eye-opening experience. And the best stunts – the ones you remember long after the change of seasons – are the ones that take a little more commitment to achieve than just driving to a point of view. Here, we’ve rounded up five of the best places to get your hiking stunt fix this year. Read more (Exterior +)

Take a walk in the sky on these 10 Perfect Hikes on Ridgeline

Horizon line crest
(: Alan Majchrowicz)

The ridge lines have a big advantage over other terrain – you can follow them for miles, with the world falling on either side of the narrow path. Sure, that usually means a tough hike, but once you’re up there you can spend an entire day enjoying the kind of scenic views you only find once or twice on smaller hikes. These ten trails will give you all this and more, from a park known worldwide for its biodiversity to a weeklong trek along the backbone of an island.Read more (Exterior +)

If you think the hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is bad then you haven’t gone far enough

Cuyahoga River4
(: Benjamin Lehman)

Stephanie Vermillion took a second attempt at off-trail hiking when she discovered that her own backyard Ohio National Park allowed cross-country travel and discovered a rugged landscape of creeks, gorges river and waterfalls. Find the hidden gems of Cuyahoga, then learn to think outside the box in this adventure tale. Read more (Exterior +)

5 national park campsites for an epic evening

camping beach
(: photograph terrell barry)

National parks are the best of America’s wilderness, and some of the country’s most spectacular campsites can be found in these protected places. Set up your tent on a Yosemite beach, among a sea of ​​peaks in the North Cascades and in a private corner of Shenandoah at these 5 choice campsites. Read more

See how Windy Earth can reach the “world’s most dangerous little mountain”

(: Tom Henell on Unsplash)

Imagine your own windiest hike made up to 1000. That’s what you’ll find on Mount Washington, which doesn’t have a single monthly average. wind speed less than 20 mph and is home to the second highest wind speed ever measured, 231 miles per hour, topped only by a tropical cyclone off the coast of Australia. But when the weather is nice, it’s hard to find a better hike anywhere in New England. Read more

In this remote park, you’ll be the only hiker for miles, if you’re tough enough to handle it

a lake with a mountain behind it at dusk;  the mountain is reflected in the water
Reflection in water at dusk at the confluence of the Upper Stikine and Chukachida Rivers, Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park, British Columbia, Canada (Photo: gremoni / iStock via Getty Images)

Field Scout backpacker Ted Alvarez proves that Type 2 fun can really be fun with a solo hiking route through Spatsizi Wilderness Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. From bogs and mosquito clouds to lakeside camps with direct mountain views from the tent and a soundtrack of packs of wolves passing by, this adventure covers the full spectrum of nature moments. Read more (Exterior +)

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