National park to use former peninsula golf course as a revenue-generating campsite

Regarding the Dec. 5 report on Cuyahoga Valley National Park acquiring 207 acres of taxable land in Peninsula Village (“Force of nature”), I doubt the huge park actually needs the prairie acreage. flat of the old golf course. The park already contains many miles of trails and thousands of acres of inaccessible wilderness closed to off-trail exploration.

What the park does not have are campsites for tents and motorhomes, other than those controlled by scout groups. Most national parks have several camping facilities that generate income from site rentals, recreation activities, and camping shops. However, the old golf course includes existing structures, roads, ponds, basic utilities, and a mostly flat scenic terrain perfect for camping.

Revenues from camping fees and merchandise (or taxes on those revenues) could help the Peninsula Village establish the necessary infrastructure, and increasing the tourist population from longer stays would increase the village’s business income and costs. development opportunities.

Currently, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a suburban experience. I wonder if its usage stats aren’t largely locals crossing over to somewhere else. I often cross the park on my motorbike, but I wonder if my tours are included. Sure, if I was camping for the night, they would be.

Craig A. Webb,


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