PHOTOS: Playground included Arch Street Park A joy for all


The new improved playground officially opened on Friday.

Lawrenceburg Mayor Kelly Mollaun cuts the ribbon to officially open the new and improved Arch Street Park playground. Photo by Travis Thayer, Eagle Country 99.3.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – The new and improved Arch Street Park can be described as “breathtaking”.

The city of Lawrenceburg reopened the park on Friday afternoon, with an all-new inclusive playground for all ages and abilities. The park had been closed since the end of December for the rehabilitation project.

The wait was well worth it.

City officials and the Arch Street Playground Committee were joined for a new dedication and dedication ceremony by a crowd of children and adults eager to see what the new park is all about.

The park features an ADA-accessible hybrid structure, more swings, a Shadow Play Tri Runner, a Rox All See Saw, a Merry Go Round, an Infinity Bowl, and synthetic turf. Arch Street Park Playground is also a national demonstration site featuring seven principles of inclusive playground design.

“I really want to thank everyone who has participated in any way to this project,” said Mayor Kelly Mollaun. I could never have imagined a better project. The way it turned out is just phenomenal. “

GameTime, a leading manufacturer of inclusive playgrounds, gave the City a grant of $ 190,403 to help make the playground possible. Lawrenceburg has also committed over $ 550,000 to the project with support from city council. The Arch Street Park Playground Committee was responsible for the design of the playground.

“It is an excellent investment that the City has put forward,” added Mollaun. “But you know what, the board couldn’t think of a better thing to invest in than our children. They all have a heart for children, and we want to make sure our community has the best that we can provide and provide for them. ”

The Arch Street Playground committee deserves a lot of praise for the way the project went. The group, led by Mayor Mollaun, is made up of Salle Johns, Joe Vogelgesang, Erin, Nicole & Taylor Ratliff, Grace Brown, AJ Waltz, Connie Knue, Tina Zint, Bonnie Vise, Guinevere Emery & Mario Todd.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Kelly Mollaun and all his staff and team, as well as Mario Todd and his group, and all of the beautiful city of Lawrenceburg for not accepting the status quo for the design of n any playground for Arch Street Park. . But instead, to truly develop and design a play space for children, families, caregivers, all people of all ages and abilities to have the opportunity to play with each other and together as one. community, like a community should, ”said a spokesperson for GameTime.

Mayor Mollaun added that George Street Park will be updated next year with the same concept as the Arch Street and Ludlow Hill playgrounds.

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