Rowing #1 wins four races on day one of San Diego Crew Classic

SAN DIEGO- No. 1 Texas Rowing advanced all four boats to the grand finale of the San Diego Crew Classic on Saturday at the Fiesta Bay-Crown Point shores of Mission Bay Park.

Racing against several of the nation’s top-ranked programs, including Washington’s No. 3, California’s No. 9 and USC’s No. 16, the Longhorns put on an impressive four runs to earn wins in each of their races.

“We had a good day and I’m impressed with how each boat raced,” said the Texas head coach. Dave O’Neill. “The second eight had to deal with a breakage, and I’m grateful for how things were handled. We know we’ll be in a rush tomorrow so we’ll have to take it to another level.”

Texas’ First Eight opened the weekend with victory in the Jessop-Whittier Cup Invitational, posting a time of 6:43.845 to top runner-up California (6:47.958) by 4.133 seconds and third-place Washington (6:56.635) of 12.790 seconds. USC and UCLA placed fourth and fifth, respectively. The race was a preliminary to determine the lanes for Sunday’s grand finale.

The Longhorns followed with a win for the Four in round two of the Women’s Collegiate Varsity 4+ with a time of 7:35.318. UT won by 6.592 seconds over California to advance to the Grand Finals and had the fastest time in the heats, beating USC (7:39.377).

In the Women’s Open 8+ Carley Copley Cup, the Texas Third Eight earned another win for UT, covering the 2,000-meter course in 6:41.124, beating second-place California (6:47.987) by 6.863 seconds.

Closing out the afternoon was the second eight, taking victory in round two of the Women’s Collegiate 2V. Initially scheduled for a start shortly after 12 noon, the race was postponed at the end of the program due to a breakage. The Longhorns won their heat with a time of 6:30.880, beating Washington’s time of 6:34.127.

The San Diego Crew Classic resumes at Mission Bay Park on Sunday morning with the Longhorns scheduled to start racing at 11:19 a.m. CT (9:19 a.m. PT).


first eight
Women’s Jessop-Whittier University Cup Invitational (Run 1 – All Through Finals)

1.TEXAS – 6:43.845
2. California – 6:47.958
3. Washington-6:56.635
5. UCLA – 7:07.112

Second Eight
Women’s Collegiate 2V (Series 2)

1.TEXAS – 6:30.880
2. Washington- 6:34.127
4. Gonzaga – 6:48.805
5. UC San Diego – 6: 59.825
6. LMU – 7:01.900
7.MIT – 7:07.032
8. Bates College – 7: 12,945

Women Collegiate Varsity 4+ (2 Hour)

1.TEXAS – 7:35.318
2. California – 7:41.910
3. Gonzaga – 8:03.664
5. Sacramento Street – 8: 28.445

Third Eight
Women’s Open 8+ (Period 1 – All to Final)

1.TEXAS – 6:41.124
2. California – 6:47.987
3. Washington- 6:54.267
4. Baja California Street – 7:02.144
6. Univ. from Calgary – 7:19.201
7. Bates College – 7: 36,901


First eight: Rachel Rane (helmsman), Kaitlin Knifton (stroke) Susanna Temming, Anna Jensen, Etta Charpentier, Aspa Christodoulidis, Francesca Raggi, Sophie Calabrese, Lisa Gutfleisch (bow)

Second Eight: Olivia Fogarty (helmsman), Hannah Medcalf (cerebrovascular accident), Amber Harwood, Payten Kooyers, Kathia Nitch, Cassandra Korvink-Kucinski, Samantha Schalk, Katelyn Bouthillette, Marlowe Eldridge (bow)

Four : Carly Legenzowski (helmsman), Sue Holderness (cerebrovascular accident), Marielle Corbette, Parker Illingworth, Izabela Krakic (bow)

Third Eight: Elizabeth Romero (helmsman), Jane McGee (cerebrovascular accident), Rachel Craycroft, Taryn Kooyers, Andrijana Mijailovic, Harriet Wallace, Nadja Yaroschuk, Susanna Cassidy, Grace Edgard (bow)

Schedule: Sunday, March 27

I Eight: Women’s University College Jessop-Whittier Cup Invitational
11:19 a.m. CT / 9:19 a.m. PT

Four: Women’s University College 4+
Final 1 – 12:23 CT/10:23 PT

II Eight: 2V women’s collegiate
Final 1 – 12:47 CT/10:47 PT

III Eight: Women’s Open 8+
2:31 PM CT/12:31 PM PT

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