Shropshire families fail in bid to create private campsite in ‘unspoilt’ Cornwall beauty spot

Two families have failed in a controversial bid to set up a private campsite in a Cornish conservation beauty spot. Planners rejected a request to create a campsite they could use at Treen, above Pednvounder beach.

The families – both from Shropshire – wanted to use the site for two tents, two caravans and parking. The request was partly retrospective because work to install facilities had already been carried out without planning permission.

And the app drew more than 160 comments from people outraged by the proposals. They pointed to the fact that the site is within the Cornwall Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), a designation that protects it from inappropriate development, Cornwall Live Reporting.

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This week Cornwall Council planning officers released their decision on the application saying they would refuse it. They highlighted the large number of objections from the public as well as objections from St Levan Parish Council, the National Trust and the Cornwall AONB unit.

A parish council spokesperson said: “The site and the caravan and mobile home already positioned are clearly visible from the surrounding area and the suggestion to screen the site with trees shows a clear misunderstanding of the local landscape which contains very little of trees in a mix of low Cornish hedgerows.

“The bid site violates the AONB and would destroy the local landscape. Allowing this bid would set a precedent for others to buy land in this type of area and apply to build a property.”

In refusing the application, the planning officers gave the following reason: “The proposal would result in the creation of new tourist accommodation on a pristine site in the countryside. It would not involve the expansion of existing and well-established tourist accommodation The site is not considered to be in a sustainable location with regards to public transport accessibility.

“The presence of caravans, tents, driveways and associated paraphernalia would result in undesirable and unusual levels of domestication. countryside which is a designated Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty and Heritage Coastal Landscape, thereby failing to conserve and enhance the designated landscape.”

Claimants have the right to appeal the decision and Cornish Council could take enforcement action against claimants for work that has already been carried out.

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