Snow Peak portable lantern can light up both home and camping

I was faced with a dilemma, whether it is a sleeping bag or a tent, which of the two is more important when camping in the wild. It can also be argued that a machete or a lighter is just as important as the aforementioned items when camping, stranded or in the worst case, lost in the wild. But, think about it, what do you need most when camping?

The most valuable item you should have in your arsenal is a lantern. Whether you need to locate your lost knife or answer the call of nature, a portable lantern would be your beacon. Speaking of lanterns, they aren’t at the peak of their popularity but are still one of the most popular pieces of gear for an outdoor adventure. Portable lights may be all the rage, but a lantern is irreplaceable given that it’s a simple, stylish, vintage, and portable light source.

So whenever a brand like Snow Peak releases something, we’re bound to check it out. This time around, the Japanese outdoor gear maker has released a “home and camp lantern” and, as the name suggests, can be used both indoors and outdoors. . Made of stainless steel, ABS, silicone and PC resin, the lantern can be used as a table lamp at home and work as an outdoor camping accessory.

Portable LED Lighting

The Home and Camp Lantern is a portable lamp that includes a handle, shade, lamp cover, power switch, indicator and charging stand. Lightweight in nature (just 750g), the lantern has an adjustable handle that makes it easy to carry. In case you have both hands busy, you can even hang the lantern from the branch of a tree or mount it on a higher platform.

Speaking of the LED aspect, the lantern offers dimmable warm light and provides up to 400 lumens of illumination. As far as using the lantern goes, it’s pretty old school. Turning on and off at the touch of a button, the lamp’s brightness can be increased and decreased by holding down the power button.

Rechargeable battery

The lantern offers high performance depending on the brightest setting. Once the brightness is maximized, the LED below flashes. It runs on rechargeable batteries that allow continuous use for four to twenty-three hours.

Available for $160, the Snow Peak could target wealthy sections of society. Adding to its inconvenience, the Deluxe Lantern does not come with a USB wall charger and one has to purchase the charging pad separately. But, since it’s intended to be used primarily as a table lamp and also as camping gear, the high cost might matter for people with deeper pockets.

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