Some of the best places in Derry for a Christmas stroll

For some, Christmas is all about sitting in front of the TV enjoying special Christmas episodes from their favorite series and festive movies.

For others, Christmas time is the perfect time to enjoy the parks and particularly quiet alleys.

Derry is full of scenic walks to take, both into town and further out across the county.

Whether it’s to get some fresh air after your Christmas dinner or to spend an afternoon with the family, here are some of our top picks for a festive stroll.

Walks in the city of Derry:

Bay Road, Derry

Derry’s Bay Road offers a circular path from behind the Da Vinci Hotel to the Foyle Bridge. A popular route for cyclists, walkers and dog owners, enjoy the peaceful surroundings as you stroll along the River Foyle.

A short walk across the Peace Bridge from the city center, located next to Ebrington Square, take a stroll through St Columb’s Park and take advantage of its many trails and routes to stay safe with other walkers who could be out. Venture to St Columb’s Park House, along the train line and to the statue of St. Columba in this fantastic city setting.

Brooke Park, Derry

For a slightly shorter walk, Brooke Park offers fantastic views of the city center, benches to relax in, and a number of small paths winding through the park itself. A downtown gem, get away from the Christmas hubbub and breathe.

A nice, easy walk for dog walkers or families who want to take a break from their day, Culmore Country Park is close enough to town that it doesn’t take up all your afternoon, but far enough away that you don’t feel close to the city. city. Enjoy this simple walk with beautiful views along the River Foyle.

Scenic Walks in County Derry:

Learmount Forest, County Derry

Located in the park, this pleasant forest with winding paths will offer a nice easy walk for the whole family. Wander at your own pace and discover Learmount Castle tucked away along the way. A favorite among locals who live nearby.

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Muff Glen Forest Park is on the outskirts of Eglinton. A fantastic circular walk, with a waterfall at its far end and blinds for watching red squirrels, this walk provides the perfect afternoon of family adventure. This hidden gem will provide a relaxing Christmas stroll.

Roe Valley Country Park, County Derry

Roe Valley Country Park is located on the outskirts of Limavady and offers spectacular river views and woodland walks. Follow the river through spectacular gorges and banks covered with mature forests. This scenic park is also the primary habitat for a number of animals, including foxes, badgers and otters. A fantastic afternoon for avid walkers and families.

Ness Woods Country Park covers 55 acres of mixedwood forest as well as an open park that stretches both sides of the Burntollet River. There are over 7 km of great woodland and riverside walks including a wonderful waterfall walk. For disabled visitors, there is also a meadow walk which offers easy access on foot.

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