! Spanish News Today – Growth of camping and Airbnb accommodation in Spain exceeds hotel stays in January 2022

Date of publication: 02/03/2022

Foreign tourists visiting Spain are responsible for most of this growth in non-hotel activity

Non-hotel overnight stays in Andalucia – those at Airbnb apartments, campsites and hostels rather than hotels – amounted to 757,636 in January, up 221% from the same period in 2021, when they stood at 235 672, according to data released Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

In the case of overnight stays in tourist apartments in Andalusia, there were 378,934 in January, compared to 108,213 in January last year, while in campsites there were 304,947, compared to 106,982 at the same time. months last year.

In Spain as a whole, overnight stays in non-hotel tourist accommodation exceeded 4.7 million in January, more than three times more than in the same month of 2021 (+231%).

This increase is mainly due to the fourfold increase in overnight stays by travelers from overseas. While just over twice as many Spaniards stay in this type of accommodation, the number of stays by foreign nationals has almost tripled (316.5%).

If hotels are added to the mix, overnight stays in Spanish tourist accommodation as a whole almost quadrupled in January, increasing by 292.3% compared to the same month in 2021. This adds a mere increase of 61.3 % to non-hotel stays, indicating that campsites and other means of accommodation outside of hotels are rapidly becoming more popular.

Meanwhile, in the case of Spaniards, hotel and non-hotel stays increased by 155.8%, while overnight stays by holidaymakers from other countries were almost six times higher than in January of the year. year, with an increase of 493.4%.

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