Static caravan plots to help flood the ‘mystery’ in Mansfield


Drainage and waste flooding issues at a Mansfield nature reserve will be addressed by creating five static caravan plots.

The Mansfield District Council Planning Committee has approved the plans, in Forest Country Park at Old Mill Lane, on land previously used for trailer storage and car parking.

But advisers have heard concerns about drainage at the existing caravan site, with dirty water causing the paths of the nearby Maun Valley Trail to flood.

However, conditions were set for the development to provide for a drainage strategy, covering the entire site, with an on-site septic tank to be removed and a new pumping station installed.

This strategy, according to the council, will reduce the impact on the adjacent forest and nature reserve by pumping the wastewater into the sewer system, rather than returning it on site.

The new drainage strategy must be implemented before the five new caravan plots are occupied.

Councilor Martin Wright, who represents the nearby neighborhood of Holly for the Mansfield Independents, said the flooding at the trailer park had been a “mystery”.

He said: “This has been a problem, the sewage from the caravan site, and it is very good to see that this is going to be fixed.

“Congratulations to whoever decided on this. It’s a mystery, he flooded the path on the Maun Valley Trail time and time again.

“A lot of money has been spent trying to investigate it, a lot of work has been done to stop it, but I think this time around we are going to stop it.”

The new trailer plots will be built in the northern part of the site, accessible from the internal Oak Drive.

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