Sturgeon shoots himself in the foot: Scottish hotel owner says ‘English people don’t feel welcome’ UK | New


With hotel owners desperate for a quick return, some reveal bookings are drastically down due to low turnout from UK tourists. Due to the SNP’s relentless pursuit to break up the UK, one business owner claimed to have been caught in the “political climate”. Amidst the clash between Holyrood and Westminster over Ms Sturgeon’s pursuit of a referendum, a bed and breakfast owner claimed the British no longer felt welcome.


Tourists are therefore pursuing national holidays in England, which has raised concerns north of the border.

Speaking to the Inverness Courier, David Shayer, founder of the Scottish Guest House and Bed and Breakfast Alliance, said: “We feel caught in a political climate that affects business.

“There is a real feeling that the British do not feel welcome and stay away and spend their money south of the border.”

With England opening up faster than Scotland, Mr Shayer revealed that desperate holidaymakers have decided to focus on stays.

Without crucial English tourists, he claimed hotels were now forced to cut room prices to attract visitors.

He added: “In a staycation market, we need English visitors, 65 million of them.

“The English market had an earlier date than Scotland (for reopening), and as long as the demand was there, people booked for England.

“We see hotels cutting prices to fill rooms.

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Peter Ross, who is also a member of the association, said: “It is essential that the government understands how our industry lags behind other accommodation companies and the hospitality industry and takes steps. measures.

Decentralized nations were due to hold a virtual summit to discuss a unified response to the pandemic on Friday.

Due to concerns from the Scottish and Welsh governments, the meeting was canceled.

The Prime Minister wrote to decentralized nations shortly after the local elections to discuss Covid.

However, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said he was disappointed with the summit’s cancellation.

He said: ‘It is disappointing that the Scottish government feels the need to delay this meeting so that it has more time to prepare.

“The Prime Minister is keen to talk to the Premiers about our recovery, we want to do it as soon as possible but we have no date set.

“We want to work with them to find a new date to plan this.”

Speaking today, Scottish Conservative Chief Whip Stephen Kerr said: “Perhaps approving messages like ‘We’re closed, **** off’ (Ian Blackford) and urging the English to stay away (Sturgeon) wasn’t the best long-term response for the Scottish hospitality. “

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