The 10 Best Enamel Pieces to Add to Your Home (or Campsite) in 2022

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Enamel utensils may look like something your grandmother had dragged around her house, but no matter how old-fashioned it feels, it’s still there and remains a constant and reliable fixture in serving ware. and table settings.

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We are quite abusive towards the items we place on our table. Hot foods, scratching forks, throwing them in the dishwasher – they have to withstand a lot and still look good. Enamel utensils can provide that durability we crave.

It’s also a material we can experiment with throughout our kitchen, from enameled Dutch ovens to dinner plates, and it will all clean up quickly and stay nonstick. Try saying that about some stained glass hanging around your kitchen.

What is enamel?

Enamel utensils were the first mass-produced American cookware since the 1870s. Enamel is a term that can encompass a lot of ground. Still, it’s usually made of lightweight metal, most commonly aluminum, but can also be made of porcelain-coated cast iron, making it durable and easy to clean. Here are some easy ways to incorporate cool cookware into your rotation.

  • Camping — The majority of enamel utensils are lightweight, so they are easy to carry and distribute heat evenly and quickly, so they are perfect for cooking over the fire.

  • Picnics — You can have the ease of flat and easy packaging like paper plates, with no waste. The surface is easy to clean and put back in your basket.

  • Next to the swimming pool — Plastic cups won’t shatter like glass, so they’re good for the pool but bad for the environment. Enamel is available in so many colors that there is bound to be something to match your outdoor decor.

  • Everyday – Dishwasher safe and suitable for all ages, using enamel dinnerware as everyday dinnerware is easy and stylish.

Some of the best enamelware on the market comes from a handful of brands. Opting for a new ensemble is always great, but don’t worry because it’s starting to show its age. Dings, dents and chips only add to the authentic character of classic enamel. Keep reading for our picks of the best enamel utensils.

1. Falcon

Their funky collection of blue-rimmed enamel dinnerware comes in a handy starter set that includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four cereal bowls, and four mugs. Known initially for its white and blue trim, Falcon now offers such a variety of on-trend colors that it’s hard to keep up. Lightweight and unbreakable, this set is easy to clean and will last whatever you throw at it.

enamel starter kit

enamel starter kit

Buy: Enamel Starter Set $137.00

2. Dansk

A sturdy bakeware can last for generations, and the Kobenstyle Teal Large Baker is not only a beautiful shade of teal, but it’s built to last. It’s made of nearly unbreakable steel then coated in hard enamel, so it’ll be sturdy yet beautiful and easy to clean. If only we could say that about our whole kitchen. An added benefit are the easy-grip handles, which will help prevent messes and spills when your gorgeous baked masterpiece leaves the oven and hits the table.



Buy: Dansk Kobenstyle Teal Baker $119.95 (original $165.00) 27% OFF

3. The Crucible

We can’t have a conversation about enamels without discussing Le Creuset, which repeatedly tops the list. Their signature 5-piece set is the perfect way to get a taste of this brand (actually, more of a buffet) and includes a 10-inch skillet, classic round Dutch oven, and lidded saucepan. It’s also available in tons of colors, so it’s easy to match it to your style and decor. Plus, there are always new colors and revivals of old favorites. Once used, you’ll soon find that with incredible construction, heat retention and even baking, and timeless durability, you’ll be so obsessed that you’ll build everything in your home around these parts and not the other way around.

The Crucible

The Crucible

Buy: Le Creuset Signature 5-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Set $545.00 (orig. $610.00) 11% OFF

4. Golden Rabbit

Golden Rabbit is as enduring and timeless as any collection you can get, and it continues to come out with fun new styles and designs in a way that remains as modern as it is classic. We’re obsessed with the Old Bay pattern on the porcelain enamel finish. It’s fun, festive and offers a nod to summers at the beach. This set of four dinner plates is part of a larger collection that includes everything you might need to set the table, even serving dishes. This collection has stainless steel rims to be more durable and is dishwasher and oven safe.

old bay enamels

old bay enamels

Buy: Gold Rabbit Enamel $87.99

5. Hardware for men

This enamel is meant to be sturdy yet stylish, and their Great Outdoors Deer Enamel Mug is just that. Perfect for that morning cup of coffee around the campfire, it’s crafted from lightweight, durable steel that’s then coated in enamel for a tough, durable, and undeniably trail-ready feel.



Buy: Gentlemen’s Hardware Deer Enamel Mug $21.00

6. Cinsa

We give our enamel a lot of abuse, but this line can take it. It’s scratch and corrosion resistant, and you can use it in ovens, on stovetops, or even over direct flames. This 16-piece set from Cinsa includes four 12.5-inch serving platters, four 10-inch dinner plates, four 19.5-ounce bowls, and four 12-ounce mugs, all of which are lightweight and easy to stack, and can be used anywhere from the home dinner table to your next barbecue.

Cinsa 16 pieces.  Enamelware Camping /Outdoor Set for 4

Cinsa 16 pieces. Enamelware Camping /Outdoor Set for 4

Buy: Cinsa 16 Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set for 4 $69.99

7. Bornn

This multicolored enamel tableware is just pretty one. But don’t let the delicate look fool you – it can take a beating, thanks to the heavy-gauge steel that’s then hand-dipped in a bright, cheery enamel. It is both dishwasher and oven safe (up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit). The pop of color is fun and unique and uses a marbling method that dates back to the 15th century. How’s that for a conversation piece?

Bornn Enamel

Bornn Enamel

Buy: Bornn Multicolor Enamel Dinnerware $88.00

8. Raven Canyon

This enamel lasagna dish is a beautiful blend of cream and cranberry colored splashes and will add a festive touch to your family’s traditional lasagna recipe. Typically, a lasagna pan is rather difficult to clean, but this one is dishwasher safe, and because it’s enamel, you can use it on a grill, oven, stovetop, or even a fire pit. camp – campfire lasagna? Yes please.



Buy: Crow Canyon Enamel Lasagna Pan $51.99

9. GSI on the outside

Whether you’re going camping or just need a durable set of everything you need for a barbecue in your own backyard, this Pioneer Enamel Camping Set is an enamel set that has it all. Four 12-ounce mugs, four 10-inch plates, four 5.75-inch bowls, an 8-cup coffee percolator, a 3-quart kettle with lid, and an 8.75-inch fry pan. It’s compact and handy, but don’t think that means it’s flimsy. It is relatively durable, made from heavy gauge steel and coated with a porcelain glaze and stainless steel rim, which provides even more strength.



Buy: GSI Outdoors Pioneer Enamel Camping Set

10. Cashier

Whether steaming milk for your coffee or hot cocoa on a cold winter night, this handy durable enamel milk jug is simply soft and warm – and also perfect for porridge or soup than this hot drink. This enamel milk jug has a pour spout, making it easy to pour without mess, which is always appreciated. It is made with a large handle with a generous hole at the end for easy hanging storage.

    Durable and practical enamel milk pan

Durable and practical enamel milk pan

Buy: Calstore Durable and Convenient Enamel Spout Milk Jug $32.09

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