These are the 10 best Overlanders we saw at SEMA 2021

When Toyotas and Jeeps with roof tents, pull-up panels, roof racks, and fridges / freezers first appeared at the SEMA Show, many people felt Overlanding was just one gadget. Some predicted that Overlanding would go away, much like the double row light bar, but those predictions were wrong, as Overlanding is now more prevalent than ever. These land-based projects, which include everything from rooftop tents and snorkels to trucks turned into campsites, call out to the explorer and adventurer in us all. The idea of ​​setting up a camp in the middle of nowhere, far from a busy city, has never been so appealing. And the reasonable remedy for getting through most of the 2020 shutdown is to travel as far as possible.

A few vehicles stood out among the many on display at SEMA 2021. These platforms were notable for a variety of reasons. Some structures were massive, magnificent creations requiring thousands of hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars. Overlanding has grown in popularity in recent years, as evidenced by the many overland builds from manufacturers and independent companies. Others were simpler, but had that little something that made them unique.

Mulgo Toyota FJ75 Troopy

Mulgo Toyota FJ75 Troopy


Overlanders are natural dreamers, and this magnificent Land Cruiser FJ-75 troop makes us fantasize about being able to hit the road and never come back. The Mulgo Pop Top conversion on this FJ-75 Troopy is unique.

Toyota Landcruiser Troopy HJ75 Tan


The Mulgo replaces the entire roof rather than just hanging a tent on it. With the top unzipped, there is plenty of room to get up, walk around and change clothes, ensuring a pleasant camping experience. It’s small and traditional, and it’s ready for off-grid adventures.

Rhino-Rack Chevy Silverado

SEMA 2021 Rhino-Rack Chevy Silverado

Rhino-Rack was created in Australia, where almost all reptiles, tarantulas and kangaroos are there for you. The rooftop tent was born because of this. Also notice the Batwing awning that covers the back of this Chevrolet.

Rhino-Rack had several vehicles for SEMA 2021


Another full-size truck is under construction. He has just enough equipment to take his rider into the woods for a few days. The Pioneer above-cab rack is one of our favorites because it offers so many features.

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Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner SEMA 2021


At SEMA, Toyota’s ground presence was significant, with a 2020 4Runner on display in a more realistic sense, loaded with everything you would need for distant travel and camping while still being clean and functional.

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Overland SEMA 2021


The 4Runner is a great place to start as it handles well off-road without any modification. This one has an AluCab solar powered rooftop tent. If you want to ride around the camp, there’s even a QuietKat RidgeRunner e-bike mounted on a Thule rack.

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Ford F-150 Raptor Prelander

Ford F-150 Raptor Prelander


Denney merged a Prerunner and an overlander to build a Prelander to combine the performance of the Raptor with the camping setup of his Tacoma. It’s simple to mount a bed rack and tent on a Raptor, turn on the lights, and call it a day.

SEMA 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Prelander


The improved long-travel suspension is fitted to this Instagrammer-built Tacodust Prelander, enhancing the truck’s already excellent off-road capabilities. Denney can open the Go Fast Camper, put on his pajamas, and be ready to go to bed in under five minutes.

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Toyota Tacoma “Tacozilla”

SEMA 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

via YouTube: TacomaBeast

Long before the show, Tacozilla generated a lot of excitement and went viral. TacoZilla, a lightweight, go-anywhere adventurer built on a 278 hp 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 3.5-liter V6 truck, was on display at the 2021 SEMA Show. This mobile home is ideal for a variety of trips.

SEMA 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

via New Atlas

Tacozilla is without a doubt the best Overlanding masterpiece developed by a manufacturer in Las Vegas. There is a full kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, this motorhome is unlikely to be mass produced.

Earthroamer LTi

EarthRoamer LTi SEMA 2021


The original EarthRoamer is well known, and many people have drooled over it afterwards. The first EarthRoamer, which was based on Ford’s rugged F-550 Super Duty chassis, was huge in size, potential and price.

Carbon Fiber EarthRoamer LTi


It also includes an 11,000 hour lithium-ion battery system as standard. Perfect for people who want to feel away from home without going there. It holds 100 gallons of fresh water and 95 gallons of diesel fuel. Long, off-grid vacations in distant wonderland have never looked so appealing.

Land Cruiser Bandeirante FJ 45 Crew Cab

Land Cruiser Bandeirante FJ-45 Crew Cab SEMA 2021


It’s not just the land upgrades that make this automobile valuable. The FJ-40 was officially discontinued in 1984, but Brazil continued to produce them until 2001, making Bandeirantes even more unusual.

Land Cruiser Bandeirante FJ 45 Crew Cab

via YouTube: Jonathan Ward

It is a moderate overlanding platform with modified suspension and 35 inch tires. The bed rack and roof top tent are standard Overlanding equipment, but the all-terrain trailer gives this one-of-a-kind vehicle a bit more versatility.

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AMC Eagle by Krueger Kustoms

2021 SEMA Quake LED AMC Eagle Wagon


In 1979, the AMC American Eagle made its premiere as the first American crossover SUV. Surprisingly, the AMC Eagle became an instant bestseller, selling 46,379 units in its first year, nearly doubling the company’s total vehicle production.

2021 SEMA Quake LED AMC Eagle Wagon


The first had six-cylinder in-line engines with a displacement of 258 cubic inches and three-speed automatic transmissions. Krueger Kustoms isn’t sure what they put in this one, but he has a roof top tent so he’s an overlander.

1964 Jeep M677

1964 Jeep M677 SEMA 2021


It’s impossible to discuss Overlanding without talking about Jeep. It’s even better if it’s a vintage Jeep from the 60s. This is SEMA’s unique land build, as they only built 500 of these jeeps for the military.

1964 Jeep M677 is an outrageous all-terrain overlander shown at SEMA 2021

via Off Road Xtreme

As a result, most of the changes on this platform, even staples like leaf springs, were custom made. It is fitted with 37-inch tires and a 5.7-liter Chevrolet V8 engine that delivers power to the ground. It took a lot of effort and time to develop the Jeep M677, but the end product is a rare overlander that garnered a lot of attention at SEMA 2021. ”

Gladiator Jeep Dana

Gladiator Jeep Dana


Everyone was drawn to this Jeep promotional vehicle for Dana Ultimate 60 axles. Dana’s Project Bug Out Gladiator, custom built by Expedition Vehicle Outfitters, is an extreme exercise. Many didn’t know what to think at first, but they took his word for it.

Dana Jeep Gladiator Side


This version contains as many real-world features and abilities as a theatrical excess of spectacle. The suspension is an EVO Double-Throwdown Coilover long arm with coil springs and bypass shocks, for starters. Instead of a shelter, I think a .50 caliber would look great on the roof. We all have to admit that this insane level of customization is absolutely incredible on this underrated American icon.

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