To promote innovative tourism, Maharashtra government introduces new policies


During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines have been shown to be beneficial. The tourism landscape has changed dramatically, but as the coronavirus curve flattens and people are fully vaccinated, travel restrictions are gradually being lifted. India is set to reopen its borders for overseas travelers as cases of COVID-19 decline. The Ministry of Tourism, Maharashtra government, pushes several policies to ensure that different stakeholders participate in the promotion of innovative tourism experiences.

For example –

1. Beach Shack’s policy: A special permit will be issued for the temporary construction of cabins, portable cabins, deckchairs, parasols, etc. However, care must be taken to ensure that the beaches are not damaged in any way. They will implement this policy in Ratnagiri (Guhagar, Arevare), Sindhudurga (Kunkeshwar, Tarkali), Raigad (Varsoli, Diveagar), Palghar (Kelava and Bordi). On each beach, only ten beach huts can be built.

2. Agrotourism policy: To catalyze the development of rural areas and generate more employment opportunities, the state government has developed a policy for agrotourism. Agrotourism centers will receive registration certificates from the tourism service. Homeowners will also get loans on the basis of these certificates and may also benefit from incentives and other benefits from other government programs.

3. Caravan tourism: Travelers are now looking beyond traditional hotel rooms, resorts and accommodation options. The government of Maharashtra has formulated the policy of “caravan tourism”. Caravan operators will benefit from incentives, for example, exemption from stamp duty and electricity duty, rebate from GST. A caravan parking space will be facilitated by the Tourism Department. They will also issue a certificate of no objection to benefit from caravan loans.

4. One stop customs clearance policy: A common online application portal has been launched by the tourism service. They will streamline the search for licenses and authorizations for setting up a reception unit. The goal is to help hoteliers easily search for approvals from multiple organizations in an online portal.

These policies will not only promote tourism in India, but also contribute to the country’s economy.

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