Toyota TRD Sport Trailer Expands to Full Campground and Prepares for SEMA


In recent years, living the life on the road has grown in popularity. The restrictions accompanying this ongoing health crisis have only boosted the motorhome industry. The result is a wide array of choices looking to provide the comforts of home. From simple trailers to luxury motorhomes, there really are no limits when it comes to RVs.

But recent trends have seen travelers downsize their large RVs to compact RVs and caravans. Some want the freedom to live an off-grid life with lower costs and less clutter.

To meet the demand, Toyota is turning to trailers that can provide a van life experience. The TRD Sport Trailer may look like a simple vehicle, but it actually turns into a full base camp equipped with all the necessary amenities. Using the bed of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, the trailer converts to provide an incredible amount of space.

“It has some ingenious features that help make life in the woods more comfortable, and there’s more space to carry toys. I’m not sure whether to call it a transformer or a Swiss Army knife.” said Lisa Materazzo, Group Vice President – Marketing, Toyota Division.

The most striking feature of the TRD-Sport trailer is the platform that rises several feet out of the bed. There is a tent that can accommodate four adults on the platform, which comes with an awning and fishing rod mounts.

When fully deployed, the vehicle creates a campground illuminated by powerful LED lights. Elsewhere, construction may include a custom-built toilet, water heater, shower, generator, 16-gallon (60-liter) freshwater tank, and 15-gallon (57-liter) gray water tank. It also includes a fully equipped pull-out kitchen with a sink, stove, refrigerator and other essentials.

The TRD Sport trailer was initially unveiled last year at SEMA360 2020 (a virtual presentation that replaced the in-person event). Now, for the upcoming SEMA Show, which opens on November 2, this all-terrain build is set to be in the spotlight.

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