What is glamping? The best glamping areas in Turkey

What is Glamping Best Glamping Areas in Turkey

Glamping, which is an excellent choice for those who want a peaceful camping experience in nature but do not want to be exposed to the harsh conditions of nature, has recently become a favorite of those looking for different alternatives for vacations. In order to be in contact with nature without sacrificing comfort and to have a relaxing and pleasant camping experience, you can also encounter glamping, which has become popular all over the world in recent years.

What is glamping?

Glamping, which has established itself as a travel trend for several years, takes the usual camping experience to another dimension. So what is glamping? Glamping is a combination of the English words “glamourous” meaning “attractive” and “camping” meaning “camping”. sözcüAs the name suggests, it makes the camping experience luxurious and attractive.

This concept, which finds its origins at the beginning of the 20th century, was first used to express the experience of Western tourists during their travels on the African continent. Because European and American tourists stayed in big tents with luxurious beds, carpets and comfortable armchairs during their trips to Africa.

The glamping trend, which has become popular again since the mid-2000s, is favored by the masses as an alternative vacation option. Glamping has become more popular than ever, especially after the pandemic, with travelers turning to alternatives away from the crowds, quiet and intimately connected to nature.

Glamping, which has been revised according to modern day entertainment needs; nowadays it is a concept that includes accommodation such as tents, bungalows and caravans. In addition to plenty of outdoor activities, there are also stylish restaurants and spas that offer authentic massages in the glamping facilities. For a calm and peaceful nature experience, you can explore glamping sites in Turkey and fully enjoy a dream vacation.

The best glamping areas in Turkey

Turkey, which has beautiful natural areas for glamping activities, attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. You can find glamping facilities that offer great comfort service amidst unique nature in many destinations such as Bozburun, Kayaköy, Fethiye, Bodrum, Igneada, Sile. The glamping spots, whose every detail is meticulously designed, offer many accommodation options ranging from extraordinary tent concepts to luxury bungalows.

Activities and workshops are organized for guests at the facilities, which raises the bar considerably in terms of food and drink. If you want to experience the peaceful atmosphere of nature while enjoying comfort and luxury, you can visit these facilities.

Admire the beauty: Kas (Antalya)

Kas Antalya glamping area

Would you like to spend the summer camping in Kaş, one of the most beloved and still quiet towns in the Mediterranean region? There is a seaside camping area in Kas. If you want to stay in this camping area, you can bring your tent and pitch it under the pines, come with your caravan or stay in bungalows.

The camping area not only meets your accommodation needs, but also allows you to carry out many activities in the great outdoors.

It’s time to disappear into the wild: Yenice Forests (Karabuk)

Yenice Karabuk Forests

Yenice’s forests, which take on a different beauty in every season, offer a different alternative to those who don’t think of sea, sand and sun when they say vacation. If you want to spend your vacation among long forest walks, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, you can choose Yenice forests.

Don’t let the forest make you nervous in terms of safety, as there are plenty of camping areas, walking trails and biking trails in this area.
We recommend you consider the idea of ​​camping in the forests of Yenice to introduce your children to nature and be happy with every breath you take.

Kids love it here: Ormanya Hobbit Village (Kocaeli)

Ormanya Hobbit Bay Kocaeli

Organized by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the Ormanya Nature Life Village offers children an experience in nature. kazanIt offers a very ideal environment for training and participating in many activities. In Ormanya, where admission is free, there are sections such as a wildlife zone, a zoo, a natural entertainment zone.

Ormanya, where your child will have fun and explore nature, has both a caravan and a camping area for tents.

A little air from the Black Sea: Macka (Trabzon)

Macka Trabzon glamping area

Would you like to stay in reed tents in the greenery? You and your children will love the Maçka campsite.

There is also a restaurant and a terrace with a magnificent view in the common areas of the campsite. Established on a large and spacious area, the property attaches great importance to the protection of natural life and invites all its guests to be respectful of nature. You can spend a pleasant time away from stress and noise in the establishment, where the campfire can only be lit in designated areas.

A Natural Wonder: Beyazzu (Mardin)

Beyazzu Mardin glamping area

Beyazsu lies in the arid vegetation of Mardin; It’s like an oasis with its clear water and greenery. Responding to Mardin’s water needs, Beyazsu offers an excellent resting alternative for nature lovers in summer. You can eat whitewater fish and relax with pleasure in the fishermen’s restaurants lined up in a row.

You can get to Beyazsu, which also has a large and beautiful camping area, via the Nusaybin road. While on this route, you can also visit the ancient city of Dara before heading to the campsite. In the ancient city of Dara, one of the most important settlements in Upper Mesopotamia, many historical ruins are waiting to be discovered.

Views of the snow-covered summit: Aladaglar (Nğde)

Aladaglar Nigde glamping area

If you want to add action and climbing to your camping vacation, you can choose Aladağlar. The large camping area of ​​Aladağlar offers a bungalow house option in addition to the tent. If you want to feel the taste of nature and experience the excitement of the summit in a camping area where everything is included with your family, you can have a very pleasant time in Aladağlar.

Moreover, there are many places you would like to see in this area. You can get information about this in the camping areas and even take a wonderful tour of the area with a certified guide.

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